Volunteers of the University’s students congratulated veterans with victory Day!

Volunteers KEEU and NDP “Auyl” congratulated the veteran of great Patriotic war Vasily Maximovich and the homefront worker Alexandra Mikhailovna with the 90th anniversary. The guys talked with veterans over a cup of tea, gave nice gifts.

Congratulations were a pleasant surprise for the veterans and could not leave them indifferent. Surprise and affection were visible on their faces. They were happy to meet volunteers, were grateful for their attention, showed their awards. We shared our frontline stories, recalled the events of the war years and sincerely thanked the guys for their attention. In gratitude for the congratulations veterans spoke parting words and gave wise life advice. Our volunteers, in turn, thanked the veterans for the peaceful sky over their heads and wished them good health.

In such moments imbued with compassion and warmth towards the veterans and to all of the older generation — say the volunteers.

The participation of young people in such actions is a very important element of moral and civil-Patriotic education. After all, who, if not veterans of the second world war, we should be grateful for the fact that we live in a free, independent country.

Добрый день! 👋
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