KEEU at a victory day celebrations

On may 9, Kostanay hosted a series of events dedicated to the celebration of the 74th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war, the Central of which were the victory parade from the city center to the victory Park and the March of the “Immortal regiment”.

From 9 am on the square in front of the regional akimat sounded songs of the war years. Thousands of citizens came to the center of Kostanay to congratulate veterans and pay tribute to compatriots who died during the great Patriotic war. Before the March of all who came to the square with the victory day congratulated akim Archimed Muhambetov.

Students, staff and teachers of KEEU did not stand aside and supported the action. For many students and faculty and staff of the University to pass in the “Immortal regiment” portretami their loved ones protecting the freedom of our Motherland at the front or worked for the benefit of the Victory in the rear – became a matter of honor. The KEEU team in the person of Sabit Ismuratov solemnly laid flowers to the eternal flame.

Добрый день! 👋
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