Стать социально-предпринимательским ВУЗом Северного Казахстана.

  • Обеспечение качества высшего и послевузовского образования;
  • Трансформация университета в социально-предпринимательский вуз путём интеграции образования, науки и бизнеса;
  • Совершенствование системы управления университетом;
  • Развитие и реализация потенциала молодёжи в интересах страны.

Mission of the university is to contribute to the renewal of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the training of highly qualified specialists, the implementation of international standards in the field of education as requested by the individual and the state.

University Strategic directions are:

University Strategic directions are:

  • Formation of scientific and pedagogical schools, active cooperation with leading scientific , educational and industrial centers;
  • encourage students , teaches, and staff to integrate traditional academic values and entrepreneurial ideas , provide mobility of students and teachers;
  • achievement of professional knowledge and high-level engineering skills of the graduates , based on labour market needs;
  • Formation of a harmoniously developed personality capable of being a leader , work in a team , act and win in a competitive environment;
  • support of graduates with education throughout life and contribute to their successful business career.

The implementation of our mission aims to M. Dulatov KEEU become recognized educational and scientific production complex, integrated into the system of regional education and social services.