The main aim of the department is to help in further development in leader position of M.Dulatov KEEU as a higher education institution on the world level.



One of the main activities of the department is cooperation with higher education institutions abroad within international educational projects, also exchange programs.

The main directions of the department of the international cooperation of KEEU

  • Organization and coordination of participation of university stuff and students in international educational programs, scholarship programs and competitions aimed at raising the level of education students and faculty, creating a positive image and reputation of the University.
  • Organization and coordination of the participation of University students in international internships (on-the-job training) for the development of professional skills and competences, broadening the horizons of students and the strengthening of international cooperation in the framework of academic mobility establishment of business cooperation with foreign organizations with the goal of creating international programs in the sphere of educational services.


  • 110000 Republic of Kazakhstan, Kostanay region, Kostanay city. Chernyshevsky St.59 Main corpus 306 r.
  • Head of the Department of the international cooperation – Altynay Abayeva
  • Coordinator of the Department of the international cooperation – Gulnar Shaimerden
  • Coordinator of the Department of the international cooperation – Mansiya Mustafina
  • Tel: +7 ( 7142 ) 392-855
  • Fax: +7 (7142) 280-159

e-mail: unioms@kineu.kz, adm@kineu.kz

 Educational programs

Academic exchange

KEEU took part in corn the project of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf.

Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University is our partner



(Great charter of universities)


16th of September in 2011 KEEU signed document MAGNA CHARTA UNIVERSITATUM in Bologna University (Italy). Moreover 600 universities all around the world joined MAGNA CHARTA UNIVERSITATUM.

As a participation of MAGNA CHARTA UNIVERSITATUM (Great charter of universities), KEEU rates for academic freedom, fully active in

area of knowledge also in area of research. Meanwhile university is an essence, where place of person identities by his possibilities and talents, – it is community of scholars, and moral meaning of university basics on combinations of education and research, erudition and searching facts, independently from its momentous applicability, political priorities or economic benefits.

International internship programs

Практика и семинары в Германии

Practice and seminars in Germany

Agricultural internships at enterprises of the north region of Germany produce ecological pure products. Duration: 6 months + 2 weeks paid vacation. Our university has worked with this program for 4 years. There are people who have been in Germany for half a year: Ruff Elena, Murtazina Asel, Bozhenko Mikhail, Kappsova Bigaisha, Zatychets Konstantin, Garmash Gennadiy, Ruchkin Denis, Makishe Sandybek.

KEEU has worked on ecological agriculture in the program LOGO since 2005. Representatives of the program LOGO visit our university to interview with our students. Interview has two stages. The first stage (October-November) checks total knowledge of student: Logical thinking, skills of using agricultural technics and level of German language. Students, who have the best results, go to next stage. The second stage (January-February) shows how much students improved their language skills. The program will be in charge for travel expenses if students ended practice with good results. According to this program 6 students from KEEU learned ecological agriculture in Germany in 2005, 3 of them extended half –year program to one year (+ half-year). According to program LOGO 2 students from our university did the same actions of extending program.

There were 9 students, who got second stage of the program LOGO in October 2007. LOGO is an internship program, which takes place in different agricultural enterprises.

Purpose of the internship: acquaintance with ecological agriculture.

Conditions of practice:

  • Duration: 6 months + 2 weeks paid vacation;
  • Participations from only our university;
  • Monthly minimum scholarship is 150 euro;

In process students get:

  • Knowledge about forms and methods of ecological agriculture;
  • Knowledge about economics of production and marketing;
  • Also expanding horizon and feeling of responsibility.

Requirements for the students:

  • Good skills of German language;
  • Readiness to interdisciplinary education in agriculture;
  • Practice of driving;
  • Having passport;
  • Being student of KEEU


  • Tierproduktion — zootechnicion, veterinarians
  • Agraroekonomie — all economics specialties
  • Landtechnik —agricultural technics
  • Pflanzenbau — plant growing, agronomy
  • Agraroekologie — ecology of agriculture
  • Agrartechnik- elaboration

IMA-MBA-Trisdorf, practical training semester

Purpose of practice

Agricultural practice is the first (practical) training semester of the MBA master’s program. Students of the international master’s program of agricultural management must understand the important determinants of management decisions in agricultural enterprises and be able to apply them in future in specific situations.

They must know the content and significance of the technology for the production of crop and livestock products, as well as know the methods of operation of agricultural production facilities and agricultural machinery, in addition understand and be able to assess the technical and organizational relations of the production process in agriculture. Students should be able to determine the economy of the production process, as well as the overall economic success of the enterprise through key indicators and be able to give them an assessment. They should understand socio-economic environment of an individual enterprise with respect to the importance for the development of agricultural production and rural areas. Also for non-German-speaking students, it is important to form specialized practical vocabulary and improve the language skills of the German language. The practical semester of the international master’s program “Agrarian Management” of the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Trisdorf dates back to 1990 and continues to develop continuously. He enjoys high acceptance and respect among the participants. Since 1990, more than 1500 trainees from 29 different countries have already received practical training.

Training companies

The database of the IBA program includes about 250 agricultural training enterprises. Some of them have been taking foreign trainees for more than 10 years, educating and thus providing great social experience for this kind of training.

Requirements for enterprises

Potential farms for trainees must meet certain requirements of the training enterprise, and the head – to have certain teaching skills. They should show interest in other cultures and be inquisitive, and also treat trainees with full understanding. In order to correctly regulate the succession of the practice, the management of the enterprise and the trainee are required to comply with the management and the employment contract. These conditions must be met by enterprises in full. Integration of a trainee in the family is desirable and encouraged. Many enterprises help trainees not only in their professional activities, but also take care of providing additional information or classes, for example, in learning German. They try to help the trainee in organizing leisure time.

End of practice

After the successful completion of the practice, participants receive a certificate from the university, as well as a description from the head of the farm. The achieved level of the German language is determined by an internal examination. At the end of the practice, about 15% of trainees rise from A1 / 2 to A2 / 2, 85% from B1 / 1 to B2 / 1. With the intensive German language classes, many students reach the level of C1, and at the same time the permission to study in Germany.