Программа Эразмус+ Жан Моне Модуль (Erasmus + Jean Monet Program Module):

“Transformation of the experience of agribusiness management of the European Union to Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia”

Project Objectives:

• integration of European education and the creation of a pole of European knowledge in the northern region of Kazakhstan;
• promotion of best practices in the field of teaching and research on the agrarian policy of the European Union, agribusiness for adaptation in Kazakhstan and Central Asia;
• the development of an interaction between the academic world and the public administration in order to improve the state agrarian policy;
• Identification of directions for global research to solve problems and use opportunities that are equally relevant for the European Union and the countries of Central Asia;
• intensification of cooperation.

The project “Transformation of the experience of agribusiness management of the European Union to Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia” envisages the implementation of the following activities.

1. The introduction of a new formal training course for bachelor students (30 students of the 2 year of study, 2nd semester). In total, 90 students will be trained during the project implementation period.
2. In addition to the students of the KEEU, it is planned to attract faculty students from universities in Central Asia to open lectures using a virtual platform. Application of the technology of 12 virtual classes (Adobe Connect with the possibility of participation of up to 100 users) will attract students from universities – partners of KEEU for the countries of Central Asia.
3. Studies on issues related to the EU. The theme of the project will logically enter the theme of KEEU undergraduates research dissertations. It is planned to carry out 3 studies on topics related to EU issues. Master students, passing the research practice, carrying out scientific work, complete the research and carry out master’s dissertations. They will disclose the experience of agribusiness development in the EU, analyze the adaptation to the agrarian policy of Kazakhstan
4. The organization of the round table discussion in March 2019 envisages the involvement of agrarians, representatives of the public, representatives of regional state structures in the agrarian sphere, in the sphere of education, domestic policy and youth policy. In total, the number of participants in the debate is 100 people.
5. Conducting an international scientific and practical conference in March 2020 with the participation of Central Asia (CA) universities representatives, agrarians – practitioners, scientists, representatives of state regional government bodies, representatives of the public, faculty, students, researchers. In total, the number of participants is planned to be 200 people.
6. Publications and dissemination of project materials:
 • three research articles in scientific journals;
 • a collection of materials of the scientific-practical conference (200 copies with an approximate number of 50 articles from Kazakhstan researchers and researchers from Central Asian countries);
 • 200 information brochures for the conference participants;
 • 100 brochures – for participants of the “Round table” event;
 • 100 copies of resolutions on the results of the “Round Table” event.

The collection of scientific articles on the results of the conference will be sent to all libraries of universities of Kazakhstan, to libraries of universities of CA countries – partners of KEEU. A digitized version of scientific articles will be posted on the university’s website in the public domain.

Terms of the project: 01.09.2018 – 31.08.2021.

Project participants:

Galiya Ismuratova
project manager (module leader)


Gayniya Yesseyeva


Gulmira Dambaulova


Raissa Pritula


Vladimir Madin


Natalya Smirnova