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Цели в области качества КИнЭУ 2012-2013

Origin of the QMS

M. Dulatov KEEU quality management system (futher – QMS) -is a set of organizational structure, procedures, related processes and resources necessary for the overall leadership and management of the university with regard to quality. Management system ensures the provision of quality educational services at all stages from initial identification to final satisfaction of the requirements of state statutory standards of education and the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as consumers and other interested parties.

The reason for the introduction of a quality management system to the university was:

  • The State Program of Education Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2005-2010;
  • Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 10, 2003 № 822 “Concerning the development and implementation of quality management system in organizations of higher education”;
  • The work plan for the accelerated transition of Kazakhstan enterprises to the international standards ISO series 9000 and 14000 for 2004-2005, approved by the Decree of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 06.02.04, No 28 “Concerning the harmonization of national standards with international standards.”

Creation of the stable, well-functioning and effective quality management system at the university that meets modern requirements, it is also due to the internal needs of the university development, close ties with customers, interested parties, and the necessity for adaptation to the requirements of the Bologna process.

Initiator of the formation of QMS on the basis of international and domestic experience – Vice-chancellor of the University, Doctor of Science, Economics, professor Ismuratov Sabit Borisovich. The starting point in the formation of a new QMS KEEU was the order of the vice-chancellor from March 1, 2005 No 1-QMS about the implementation of the “Project of development, implementation and preparation for the certification of quality management system of the university” that meets international requirements of standards ISO 9001:2000.

The package of necessary documents has been developed by the consulting company “Kazakhstan Quality Organization” (“KQO”) on the implementation of international standards ISO and management systems.

QMS of our university is certified for meeting the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2000 in September 2005 by the Association of certification “Russian Register” among the first universities of Kostanay region. Conformity of the quality management system to the international standard ISO 9001:2000 “Quality Management System. Requirements” has been confirmed with the code certificate by the Association of certification” Russian Register “and with the unified international standard certification IQNet.

Certification Association “Russian Register” – one of the largest and Russian independent authority in Russia which is recognized abroad for the certification of management systems, products and personnel, has branches and representative offices in all regions of Russia, the European Union and in the countries of the CIS, and in Kazakhstan. Certification Association “Russian Register” has accreditation in the Dutch Council for authorities accreditation of certification of management systems (RvA).

RvA – an independent organization that carries out the accreditation and supervision of private and public organizations dealing with different types of conformity assessment activities. RvA accreditation is recognized all over the world the world. RvA is a member of the world-wide organizations: the European Association for Accreditation (EA), the International Association for Laboratory Accreditation (ILAC), the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Therefore the equivalence of quality certificates on an international scale is assured.

Certification Association “Russian Register” – a member of the International Certification Network IQNet – the non-state non-profit organization established in 2000 with headquarters in Bern, Switzerland. In addition to the QMS code certificate of the requirements ISO 9001:2000, membership in the network allow additionally issue a certificate of network IQNet, in which authorities of certification that are included the network are list. M. Dulatov KEEU QMS certification is a certification of the international recognition of the university.

On 15-16 February 2012 the National Center for expertise and certification carried out the certification audit of KEEU working quality management system in compliance with ST RK ISO 9001:2009.

JSC “National expertise and certification center” (JSC “NaTECC”) is a leading company in Kazakhstan market in providing services in the field of standardization, metrology and confirmation of compliance of products, services and management systems. The organization has an extensive network of branches implementing a unified scientific and technical policy in the field of standardization, metrology and confirmation of compliance in 18 regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. JSC “NaTECC” has accredited right for the performance of work in the field of confirmation of compliance of products and services, quality management systems, environmental management, OHSAS, HACCP.

Vice-chancellor of the University Ismuratov S.B. implements his powers and responsibilities in the QMC by:

  • Formulation of the University Mission, approval of Policies and Objectives in the field of quality;
  • Making key decisions in the field of quality based on the results of QMS analysis on the whole, relevant to the improvement of the university’s work;
  • assistance to the implementation of all programs and works for quality, including providing them with the necessary resources, appointments of quality management representative represented by Vice-Rector of scientific work, the approval of the organizational structure of the KEEU QMS and documents on quality management.

Vice-chancellor of the University demonstrates personal interest in QMS awareness of her condition and improvement. Important issues, including the issues of analysis and improvement of the QMS, are put before the University’s Academic Council.

Quality management representative of the university (QMR) is a Vice-rector for scientific and methodical work Baganov N.A. QMR operates the work in the field of quality in the directions of:

  • development, updating policies and objectives of management in the field of quality, monitoring their implementation;
  • approximation of objectives for the quality of faculties, departments and divisions;
  • maintenance of the QMS as far as making changes and its sustainability;
  • coordination of all newly developed and reapproved documents on quality management and their presentation for approval by the Vice-chancellor;
  • presentation of the report to the Academic Council of the University and to the vice-chancellor about the operation of the QMS, suggestions about the necessity of improving it, expansion (contraction) of the area of extension and certification of QMS;
  • contribution to circulate sense of occasion of customer’s requirements and interested parties by the university’s employees;
  • interfacing with external parties on issues relating to the QMS.

“QMS” department

Department of “Quality Management System” (futher – “QMS” department ) is the organization department of the University, established in accordance with the order of the vice-chancellor No 3-QMS from June 11, 2005 to coordinate the work of development, implementation and operation of the QMS and reports to the Vice Rector for teaching and guiding (QMR).

“QMS” department operates within the framework of the management system in the following areas:

  • coordination of objectives for quality of faculties, departments and divisions;
  • development and implementation planning of documents of quality management (documented procedures, regulations, forms and document templates;
  • development and maintenance of QMS system-wide documents;
  • examination of all of newly developed and reapproved documents on quality management and their presentation for approval to the quality management representative;
  • data base maintenance;
  • planning and organization of internal audits, monitoring the implementation of corrective and preventive actions;
  • analysis of the results of internal audits, effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions;
  • organization of training of internal auditors of the QMS;
  • preparing an annual report on the analysis of the QMS on the part of management and suggestions for its improvement , expansion and / or contraction of the QMS certification area;
  • methodical and consulting support of the subdivisions during the supervisory audit and recertification audits;
  • interfacing on behalf of the QMR with external parties on issues relating to the quality management system.

Responsible for the QMS in the departments are managers of the departments (deans, heads the subdepartments, heads of departments, department managers and so on) who perform the functions associated with the maintenance of the QMS at the level of their department.

Implementation of the quality management system of M. Dulatov KEEU brought practical benefits to the university’s management:

  • policy in the field of quality, development strategy and objectives of the University are the foundation of creating a metric and criteria system for evaluating the effectiveness of processes, departments, their managers and staff;
  • processes of the university are defined, responsibility, authority and interaction are clearly divided, which improved the management of all activities;
  • conduct of an internal audits can identify opportunities for improvement and enhance the activity of department managers and staff, increases the level of analysis of the top management of all the system in whole;
  • KEEU image improves, and thus the competitiveness of its educational services;
  • the quality of the educational process and its compliance with the requirements of state educational standards improves;
  • the efficiency of the search of the documentation of all kinds and work to create its new forms increases;
  • regulated the activity of each employee and its improvement , including by the action of internal audit;
  • opportunity to participate in the process of improving its activity and university’s in whole, making suggestions to internal auditors;
  • consumers ( students, prospective students, enterprises)
  • for students and enterprises (consumers) their requirements to the results of educational process and system of its providing are satisfied;
  • image of higher education institution enhance, and, as the result, issued diplomas.