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Master’s programme


  • Partners are the universities of Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands, etc.
  • Experienced teaching staff, received training and completed an internship abroad
  • If the graduate student will learn German successfully, he can apply for an internship in Germany


  • The fundamental basis of all functional areas of management at the enterprise level (economics, management, marketing, finance, etc.)
  • The main approaches to the management and maintenance of planning, industrial engineering, investment and innovation activities;
  • Key features and processes that determine the economic security of the enterprise;
  • International and home made standards of business ethics and etiquette;
  • Special aspects of economic, legal, political, cultural and technological environment of the home made business – partnership.

GRADUATE OF THE MASTER’S PROGRAMME – is a highly skilled specialist, more prepared for professional work, rather than bachelor. The requirements of the Master’s preparation for the work are enhanced fundamental, professional and research training. In addition, under current conditions, Master’s training will enable graduates of the Master’s programme to assume superior positions and meet the requirements of the employer.


  • educational research (2 years of studying)
  • subject oriented (1-1.5 years of studying)

Graduates of the Master’s Programme have:

  • A comprehensive education in applied economics
  • Experience of working in groups

Graduates of the Master Programme can:

  • Analyze the work of economic entities
  • Build and use predictive models of processes
  • Process information and make scientifically substantiated conclusions

Graduates of the Master’s Programme manage:

  • Technology of holding the presentations, conducting sales and negotiations
  • Knowledge of a foreign language

Job prospects for graduates of the specialty 6M050600-Economy:

  • state administrative and local bodies
  • hotline service
  • enterprises and companies
  • institutions of higher education
  • international projects
  • subsidiaries of foreign companies
  • ministries and departments

With all of this TUITION is available. When enrolling at KEEU Master’s Programme discounts and benefits are available. Graduates of the Master’s Programme qualify state-recognized degree of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Benefits for education

  1. Academic teaching staff and KEEU workers get 20% discount on the whole study period (only on educational research direction)
  2. Graduates of KEEU get 10% discount at the first year of education (only on educational research direction)

For entering it is necessary to attach the following documents:

  1. 3 copies of identity card;
  2. A copy of the diploma + copy of the application (in 3 languages) notarized;
  3. 6 photos 3×4;
  4. Medical certificate form 086-Y;
  5. Granting a copy of the labour book, notarized;
  6. Individual schedule of personnel inventory;
  7. Notarized copy of the marriage certificate (if you changed your last name);
  8. Granting a copy of scientific work.