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By the order of Ministry of Industry and New Technologies No.243 from 24/07/2012 KEEU joined the list of accredited consulting companies of the Kazakhstan institute industry development under the program “Productivity 2020”, indicating sufficient KEEU experience in the field of consulting and marketing services to provide services to develop or comprehensive examination of plans for investment projects. In October 2012 an agreement with JSC “National Agency for Technological Development” was signed for the purpose of mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of marketing expertise in industrial and innovative projects.

В настоящее время Университет активно развивает свою деятельность в сфере предпринимательства и инноваций, имея сертификат соответствия по системе менеджмента качества применительно к разработке и предоставлению следующих услуг:

  • marketing services;
  • development of business plans of feasibility studies;
  • creation and optimization of existing business;
  • development of the strategies;
  • organization and conduction of training courses and training seminars;
  • development of methodical literature for entrepreneurs;
  • legal services;
  • accounting services.

University is the member of Legal Entities Association “Kostanay Regional Association of Entrepreneurs” and has a certificate of accreditation for examination of project expertises laws and regulations of Kostanay region government, affecting the interests of private business from 07.09.2010, series AK003.

Аккредитация 2015 года


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